We would like to make sure that all of our growers are aware of the current restrictions on selling barley that has been sprayed with Imazapyr.

Imazapyr is one of the active ingredients present in Intervix® by BASF and Intercept® by Nufarm, both registered for use on IMI tolerant or Clearfield crops.

Currently, most countries importing Australian barley adhere to Maximum Residue Limits (MRL’s) administered by Codex. For Imazapyr, the MRL for these countries is 0.7ppm, meaning that the registered use of Intervix®/ Intercept® will not exceed these levels.

However, countries such as Japan and South Korea have their own MRL’s and will refuse to accept barley with Imazapyr residues above 0.01ppm. For this reason, it is recommended that growers growing Clearfield Barley intended for export to the above-mentioned countries should not apply Imazapyr to their crop.

If it is applied in-crop, ensure that it is declared to potential buyers so that no issues arise further down the supply chain. If growers are unsure of what market their barley will be sold into, then please contact your potential buyers for further clarification.

If you would like further information on the situation, Barley Australia has released the ‘Industry Update on Market Access for IMI Tolerant Barley Varieties’ which can be found on the Barley Australia website. Feel free to contact your YPC agronomist for more information.