“The way I see it, Agworld has allowed us to digitise a lot of our agronomy practices, which makes us quicker and better at what we do; in the end, this helps us service our clients more efficiently and improves both their and our own business results.”

James Mann, Yenda Producers Agronomist

Yenda Producers recently featured in an AgWorld case study about improving efficiency through digitisation of agronomy practices. Previously, the process of recording data involved handwriting everything down, to input it into a computer later on. This double handling caused a lot of extra work. With the introduction of the Agworld platform, Yenda Producers agronomists are able to save time and also access real-time information wherever they are.

Using AgWorld has also improved the collaboration possibilities between agronomist and client. Ben Crump of Benlee Rural, uses AgWorld for his own farming operation in Whitton and has found the platform a lot easier to use than paper diaries. One of the main benefits being that data input by his agronomist can be accessed really easily through the platform. Mr Crump can now easily convert recommendations into an actual with minimal effort.

The full case study can be found on the AgWorld website or downloaded here.