Yenda Producers Co-operative is proud to announce the purchase of the NorMac Rural business based near the NSW/Victorian border. The Board of Directors and Management have seen an opportunity to diversify our business and spread our risk by operating in another region. In doing so, we are still investing in rural retail and services, the core of our business focus.

The NorNac business was founded by Andy Norling and Darren McCormick in 2010 and has grown into a key rural supply and service business in the border area of Victoria. NorMac operates 2 outlets, with their main branch at Baranduda (near Wodonga) and the other at Wangaratta.

The NorMac branches will become the Yenda Producers Co-op’s fifth and sixth branches and will run in conjunction with our existing branches of Yenda, Fruit and Case, Leeton and Griffith. It is great to announce that Darren and Andy are staying on within the business and all existing staff have been offered continued employment to ensure we have a smooth transition of the business.

The aim is to continue the outstanding service currently being offered by the NorMac staff to their loyal customer base. We look forward to welcoming the NorMac staff into our Co-op and will be inviting their customers to become members of our Co-op in due course.

Thank you for your continued support and we are looking forward to a successful new venture for all our Co-operative shareholders.