As we are coming into lambing season, it’s important to keep a close eye and hand on your ewes. There are also a few important questions you should ask yourself. 

Be aware of and plan your feed base. Is there enough dry matter for the stock class? Do you need to supplement? 

Twinning ewes have a higher energy demand than singles, this is important to address. Do they need mineral supplementation? 

Several minerals are needed at higher rates during pregnancy and lactation as deficiencies in these can have detrimental results. 

Under or overweight ewes can have issues nutritionally and run risk of problems such as Pregnancy Toxaemia (pregnancy sickness). This must be managed, so be aware of the feed and minimise handling of these stock within the four weeks prior to lambing. 

What do you have planned in terms of health? Are you monitoring the ewe’s intestinal parasites with faecal egg counts? Is there a plan to drench and vaccinate four to six weeks out from point of lambing?  These are all important in terms of immunity for both ewe and lamb. A ewe’s immune system is at its lowest due to the demand on her at lambing, worms and other parasites can play havoc at this time. Vaccination carries over and is beneficial to the lamb at foot. 

Also, reflect on your scanning results, how many lambs are you expecting? At marking compare the numbers. This is crucial because if we know the difference, we know the issue could be in gestation.  

Our livestock production team are here to help, give us a call to discuss these topics, our products or to get a second opinion.