Partners in Farming

History of Yenda Prods

The Yenda Producers Co-operative Society Ltd was born in 1925 and today continues to operate at its original site at Mirrool Avenue in Yenda.

1925 - The beginning

Yenda Producers Co-operative Society Limited (YPC) was incorporated under the NSW Co-operatives Act on 24th July 1925, with 10 shareholders. The co-op was set up to deal with fresh produce and to supply farming requisites.

1938 - The fire

In 1938, a fire completely demolished the co-op’s cool stores, showrooms and office block. Due to inadequate insurance, the co-op was almost forced into liquidation however, through the assistance of the Rural Bank and some restructuring, the co-op continued trading out of trouble through the 1950s and beyond.

1988 - Leeton expansion

The Co-op has experienced its highest rate of growth since the early 90’s. In 1988, a second branch was established at Leeton (NSW).

1998 - Further expansion - Griffith and Spencer & Bennett

Yenda Producers opened a third branch in Griffith (NSW) in 1998 and a local stock and station agency, Spencer & Bennett. This was purchased and incorporated under Spencer & Bennett – Yenda Prods Pty Ltd (S&B) as a wholly owned subsidiary. S&B operates out of the Griffith branch in an ideal location opposite the Griffith Livestock Marketing Centre on the Hillston Road (Griffith). S&B specialises in the sale of livestock (sheep and cattle), clearing and property sales, and is also an agent and broker for CGU insurance. The nature of this business has a direct fit within the core activity of the co-op and has proven to be a successful add-on. S&B currently employs seven staff, comprising four experienced agents and a trainee, an insurance agent, and an office administration person.

2006 - RWE

In May 2006, the Yenda Producers agreed to purchase a 50% stake in an irrigation design enterprise. The business was incorporated under Yenda Prods – Irrigation Pty Ltd whilst maintaining its original trading name of ‘Riverina Water Engineering’ (RWE). RWE is based out of the Griffith branch. It was originally created to design irrigation systems and provide professional advice to irrigators. Due to the demand of this service, RWE began investing into plant and equipment. Through this investment, RWE is now designing, installing and maintaining irrigation systems catered towards the rural, domestic and government sectors. In addition, RWE has a fully stocked retail shop located at the Griffith branch. RWE currently employs two Certified Irrigation Designers, (one specialising in soil moisture monitoring), four installers of irrigation systems, two retail staff and an office administration person.

2012 - Australia's top 100 Co-operatives

Since the inception of the ‘Australia’s Top 100 Co-operatives,’ YPC has maintained its position within the top 50, ranking at number 42 in the August 2012.

2016 - Acquisition of Fruit & Case in Yenda

2018 - Acquisition of Akazien Hof, Coleambally and Breed & Hutchinson

2020 – Acquisition of NorMac Rural Baranduda and Wangaratta.

The Yenda Producers Co-op has invested in an established rural business based near the NSW/Victorian border. The Board of Directors and Management saw an opportunity to diversify our business and spread our risk by operating in another region. In doing so, we are still investing in rural retail and services, the core of our business focus.

The NorMac branches will become the Yenda Producers Co-op’s fifth and sixth branches and will run in conjunction with our existing branches of Yenda, Fruit and Case, Leeton and Griffith. We are also pleased that all of the permanent NorMac staff have committed to staying on within the new business structure.

YPC Today

YPC currently employs nearly 50 full-time staff, in addition to the staff of its subsidiaries, to provide the following products and services to its members and customers.
Agronomy advice: YPC currently employs seven tertiary qualified agronomists and six tertiary qualified horticulturists to service the co-op’s members.
Livestock Production: The Livestock Production Consultant team is committed to improving the quality, health and management of all Co-operative members’ livestock operations.
Services to members: YPC currently provides its members with cartage of produce (local and interstate), cartage and spreading of fertiliser, cow manure, and seed. Receival, co-ordinating and grading of dried prunes as agents for Angas Park.
Supply of farming inputs, including:

  • Fertilisers – granular, liquid, soluble and gas (NH3)
  • Chemicals – fungicides, insecticides and herbicides
  • Seed – wheat, rice, corn, cotton, melons and a broad variety of vegetable seed
  • Livestock Production – drenches, vaccines, and mineral supplements
  • Hardware – including wire, fencing and a wide range of gardening items.