Meet the Board of Directors

Yenda Producers’ Board of Directors comprises seven non–executive directors and an executive director who serves as the Managing Director. All directors are members of the Co–op and are involved in primary production. The Board’s experience within primary production covers a broad range of industries including horticulture (grapes, prunes, and citrus), broad acre farming (summer and winter cereals, and row cropping) and seed production.



Shareholder since: 1985 Director since: 2008

Nayce Dalton, a Binya broadacre primary producer and irrigator, has been managing a successful farm business since 1986.

Nayce holds an Advanced Diploma of Agriculture and is a member of the Rice Growers’ Association and NSW Farmers’ Association. Nayce is also Chairman of MI Holdings Pty Ltd, sits on the board of Murrumbidgee Irrigation and chairs the MI Infrastructure committee.


Deputy Chairman

Shareholder since: 1983 Director since: 2002

A lifelong resident of Leeton, Max Douglas was educated through the Leeton Public School system until Year 11 and obtained his wool classing and welding certificate at Leeton TAFE College.

Max spent the early years of his career working for Westpac Bank and the Rice Marketing Board before transitioning into full-time farming in the Murrami area.

Max and his family have grown a large variety of irrigated crops and developed a seed cleaning, mixing and bagging company, mainly for birdseed, called Maxiseeds. The company is well known for producing high-quality, clean and uncontaminated product.


Managing Director

Shareholder since: 1995 Director since: 2003

Since 1995, Peter has dedicated his focus to delivering the best products, service and information for members of the Yenda Producers Co-Operative network. A long-time Yenda resident, Peter started as the Company Secretary in 1995 and was promoted to Managing Director in July 2003.

Peter obtained a Bachelor of Business Degree in Accounting and a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) from Charles Sturt University. Peter also serves as a Director on all the other businesses within the Yenda Group and is a Director of the Co-Operative Federation of NSW. Peter’s broad responsibilities in overseeing the Group include implementing the operational strategy, steering strategic development, creating and maintaining policy, placing health and safety aspects of the business at the forefront of all business decisions, and working with the Board to put directives into action.

Peter Raccanello


Shareholder since: 1983 Director since: 2009

Peter Raccanello was raised in Yenda and has a lifelong love for farming and agriculture. As a young boy he learned the ropes of farming life on his parents’ property before starting his own farming business in 1987.

Peter is a horticultural farmer who grows prunes and grapes and is a strong believer and supporter of the concept of a co-operative supply group that offers services, products and advice to farmers to help them thrive and succeed. He is a member of the Australian Prune Industry Association (APIA), as well as the Yenda Rotary Club. He is currently Vice Chairman of the Yenda Grape Growers’ Association and president-elect for the Rotary club.

Peter is married to Susan and they are the proud parents of three sons. Peter obtained his Statement of Certificate in Workplace Assessment and a Certificate 3 in Food Processing – Wine from the Riverina Institute of TAFE.



Shareholder since: 2015 Director since: 2015

Born and raised in Griffith, Iva Quarisa has a love of farming and agriculture, which she developed at a young age, helping on her family’s rice, wheat and sheep farm in Hanwood. Iva is currently Executive Officer with the Irrigation Research & Extension Committee and CEO of Murrumbidgee Private Irrigators and Murrumbidgee Groundwater Users. Iva was the Irrigation Officer with the NSW Department of Primary Industries from 1994 to 2013 and an Agriculture Inspector with the NSW Department of Agriculture from 1992 to 1994. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree, and a Graduate Diploma in Resource Management, from the Australian National University (ANU), in addition to holding a Graduate Certificate in Irrigation from Charles Sturt University. Iva is also a member of Irrigation Australia and a vocal advocate for irrigated agriculture, eager to share the wonderful story of this important industry.



Shareholder since: 2013 Director since: 2015

The Dal Brois have been involved with the Yenda Producers since 1983, Gavin is involved in broadacre irrigation farming, mainly cotton and wheat, and growing rice and corn when possible. He also runs a contracting business involved in earth moving, spraying, and general farming operations.

Gavin has always enjoyed life on the farm and is dedicated to continuing his family’s tradition of agriculture, which started when his great grandparents arrived from Italy to start an orchard decades ago.

Gavin has a Diploma in Agriculture Certificate IV.  Gavin was the Cotton Growers’ Association President for two years and is the founding director of RivCott Ginning, a grower-owned cotton gin based at Carrathool.



Shareholder since: 1997 Director since: 2017

Michele has a Degree in Natural Resource Management (Hons) and has a breadth of experience in the environmental and agricultural sector. She has had various positions including Executive Officer of the MIA Horticultural Council, Operations Officer with the EPA, a board member of the WGMB and the Coordinator of the Murrumbidgee Valley Stakeholders Group – the peak community group trying to negotiate a better deal from the Murray Darling Basin Plan for our community. Michele is currently contracted by RGA to manage the On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program.

Michele and her husband Mark own a broadacre irrigation farm at Myall Park and have been shareholders of Yenda Producers  since 1997. Michele is excited to be more involved with a local business that she has always thought very highly of and particularly values the way the Prods gives so much back to the local community.



Shareholder since: 1991 Director since: 2014

Peter Cremasco is a third- generation farmer, who today works the land bought by his grandfather Antonio Cremasco in 1951.

Peter and his wife Liz have horticultural farms which they run with their son James. The Cremasco family has a long history with the Co-Op, with Peter’s father, Lui, being a shareholder and director for many years before him. Peter is Chairman of the Yenda Grape Growers’ Association, and past president of St Therese Catholic School as well as High Security Irrigators – Murrumbidgee.

He is currently a member of the Yenda Rotary Club, and the Yenda Diggers. Peter praises the Yenda Producers Co-Op as an organisation that not only provides vast resources and services to the agricultural industries near and far, but also for the many benefits it provides to the community at large, fundraising, sponsorship and involvement in the area.