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We have been a part of the Riverina community since the 1920’s and have a long history of support for local charities, schools, sporting groups, educational foundations and community events. We see this as a way of contributing to the community where our members, staff and customers live and work.

Future of Farming

At Yenda Prods, we pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the latest research and industry news. Our team are always looking at ways to grow and innovate, through trials, training, professional development and more. Check out the latest in research, trials and staff achievements.


Check out what’s been happening across the Yenda Group from recent competitions and events to product and local farming news and information. Catch up on the latest news from Yenda Prods co-operative, Spencer & Bennett, RWE, Yenda Prods Grain, Fruit & Case, Akazien Hof and Breed & Hutchinson.

Marking Time in Lambs

The first few months of a lamb’s life are extremely stressful. Marking is one such event that puts a large amount of stress on the lamb. No matter what practice you undertake, whether it be knife, gas knife or rings, you will provoke a stress response.   Read the full...

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Co-ops and Mutuals

Co-operatives are businesses that create value to share amongst their members and their communities.Generally speaking, there are two types of co-operatives: Non-distributing co-operativesA non-distributing co-op cannot share its profits with its members by...

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Yenda Producers Co-operative and Normac Rural

Yenda Producers Co-operative is proud to announce the purchase of the Normac Rural business based near the NSW/Victorian border. The Board of Directors and Management have seen an opportunity to diversify our business and spread our risk by operating in another...

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Lambing mortality and survival

Where lambs are lost? The biggest loss in our operations is from joining to weaning. This is something we must actively work at, not only as an industry but as individual producers. The results are profitable. Quick maths to look at potential Scanning, marking, and...

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Metabolic issues that can derail your lambing season

With many flocks close to, or already lambing and with the short green feed the recent rains have brought, it is time to be mindful of the metabolic issues that can derail lambing. The main ones to look for are; Milk Fever (hypocalcaemia)Grass Tetany...

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Bushfire Recovery & Support

The past few months have seen a large part of Australia devastated by bush fires. We in the MIA have been very lucky to not have been affected by the bushfires. People and businesses from the Leeton Community have shown their support to the bush fire recovery and support by donating to the affected people and areas.

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Welcome Scott & Jason

Scott Grinly and Jason MacCartie are joining the team at RWE – Yenda Prods Irrigation, as Service Manager and Operations Manager. Both bring with them a wealth of experience in their fields

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National Mutal Economy Report

Yenda Producers has been featured in the 2019 report from The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals.This is the sixth annual report on the scale and performance of the Australian co-operative and mutual sector. The case study looks at our history, governance and management, member engagement and development, and our plans for the future.

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