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Yenda Producers Co-operative is a retailer of a wide range of chemicals and sprays including fungicides, pesticides and herbicides. Our branches carry all different pack sizes, catering to large-scale farming to the weekend gardener.

We are proud to partner with the following major chemical suppliers including Bayer, Crop Care, Dow, Du Pont, Adama, Nufarm, Victorian Chemicals, Sinochem, Amgrow, Sumitomo, and Syngenta, among many others.

Through our team of agronomists, horticulturalists and customer service staff, Yenda Producers offers expert and timely advice on all chemicals including when to use them, how much to use and, most importantly, safe use of all chemicals.

Each branch carries a full range of stock. If we don’t hold the stock you require, please let us know and we will endeavor to bring stock across from the other branches to ensure that any down time is minimized.

Do you have any questions about brands to use or chemicals, from which brands to use to how to apply them? If so give us a call:

(02) 6961 3300

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