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Yenda Producers stocks a wide range of fertilisers to support all farming enterprises. We source fertiliser from reputable and well known suppliers. These include Incitec Pivot, Yara Nipro, Wengfu Australia, and Impact Fertilisers.

Our customers can pick up bulk fertiliser in their own trucks, have one of the Yenda Prods trucks deliver, or have it delivered directly on farm. We are equipped to provide on-farm fertiliser spreading by truck or tractor and using the latest technology, including satellite imagery to provide precision variable rates of application. This ensures that the right areas are targeted and makes farming economical.

In addition, all of our branches stock a range of liquid and bag fertiliser ranging from 20kg-bags up to 1-tonne bulk bags. Natural fertilisers, including cow and chicken manure along with soil conditioners, lime and gypsum, can be also be sourced through Yenda Producers.

We are also the agent and sole distributor of Big N within the MIA. As with our chemicals, our customers can rely on the advice of our agronomists and horticulturalists who will advise when and how to apply the fertiliser, and at what rate. Soil tests are available to ensure that the correct fertiliser and rate are used.

Do you have any questions about brands to use or chemicals, from which brands to use to how to apply them? If so give us a call:

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